The power of red.

Is red wine GOOD for diabetics? Study claims the tipple’s main antioxidant can help reduce artery stiffness for type 2 sufferers

This is great, but it isn't really talking about wine, per se. It is talking about resveratrol. It doesn't clarify if a person needs to drink hundreds of bottles of wine just to ingest the same amount of resveratrol in the supplement/s, in which case the diabetic would die from the alcohol and the calories.

Also, it is known that grapes and raisins are very bad for dogs. It is also known that alcohol is very bad for dogs. But I have never heard if wine is doubly toxic to dogs because of it's origin from grapes - or does the toxic substance fade away in fermented wine? This is something worth knowing.

Wine facts.

20 Things You Didn't Know About ... Wine
In vino veritas, as the popular Latin saying goes. And we’ve got 20 truths of our own about that liquid grape goodness.

Note: Re: less muscle building after wine and exercise: Another study has found that exercise does, however, fight the destructive effects of alcohol. (Also: Another reason for less muscle - wine contains phyto-estrogens, which are anti-testosterone).